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Virtuz Keithley 2400 Communicator

    As a Part of our autoamtion and integration technology offering, we carry out machine interfacing for Keithely, Fluke, Techtronix, Agilent Devices. Today, We will be demonstrating automation for keithely 2401 source meter unit.
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    Keithely 2401 source meter, is a device which sources voltage, current and resistance. it can source voltage upto 20v, current 1a, resistane 200m ohm. in a typical scenario, the test engineer needs to source current, voltage and resistance, at different time intervals. this process is repetitive in nature and configuring the source meter manually, for each iteration is time consuming and is prone to errors. also, there is substatial delay, when the engineer switiches between various levels of the input parameter. this delay affects the quality and accuracy of the testing process. to overcome this challenge, we have developed a software product, called virtuz keithely communicator. this software automates the process of sourcing input parameters, and acquiring the output from the device, at desired time intervals.
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  • Windows based tool for Communication with 24xx Family of Keithley source meters.
  • Sourcing of Current,Voltage,Resistance and other parameters at predefined time intervals.
  • Acquiring the actual sourced output of sourcemeter.
  • Displaying and storing Source meter output.
  • Import of Test Sequence data.
  • Export of Test results data.
  • Aborting and Clearing Test sequence.
  • Customization of Calibration and Testing sequences.
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