Calibration Studio offers following key benefits over manual method of Calibration.

  • Setup all master data and Instrument only once.
  • This data is then re-used during calibration, calculation of uncertainty and certificate generation. So improves speed of calibration by reducing typing and manual error.
  • Certificate Generation process is just click and print with search facility by customer and instrument TAG Number.
  • New Engineers can be trained to use Calibration Studio very quickly as it is easy to use and can be productive in just couple of days.
  • Control on number of times printing of certificates and hence saves paper and hence support for Green environment.
  • Software is available as a cloud for anywhere, anytime access.
  • Interfaces with various devices and instruments using various communication protocols
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    Calibration Studio has a work flow based approach to calibration and inspection.Master management, Instrument management, Receive Instrument, Inspect Instrument, Generate Certificate are the key functionalities. Type A and Type B uncertainty calculations and certificate display and printing are functions finally carried out. The Auditor can view the measurement results, uncertainty values and other certificate information based on which he/she can accept or reject the instrument under inspection. Rejected instruments are sent back for recalibration or repairs. The accepted ones are issued to the related department for future use. The Meta data configuration functionality provides administrators to configure Customer Information, Units, Master Category, Instrument Category/sub category, Measurement methodology, and Certificate fields/notes/remarks. Reporting facility is provided in order to view and analyze the past measurement statistics for various instruments and customers.
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  • Powerful User Friendly Interface
  • Web base
  • Designed for single or Multi-User SystemUser Friendly Menu Driven Software
  • User Friendly Menu Driven Software
  • Powerful database integration with SQL-Server
  • Facility of classification / codification of Gauges / Instruments
  • Tolerance table provided for plug / snap gauges as per standards
  • Calibration & Scheduling of Gauges / Instruments
  • Calibration as per various Inspection standards
  • Report Generation on Screen / printer
  • Calibration & Scheduling of Gauges / Instruments
  • Multilevel Access control with password control for enhanced security